Hello and welcome to Home Tech Property Inspections, LLC.

Home Tech is owned and operated by myself Mike Spano. I have been in related fields of expertise for over 30 years. Including commercial property management, Real Estate investing (home flips) and a career with a national corporation in the dismantling industry where I learned everything from the inside out.

When hiring a home inspector experience is everything. As you know, here in New England we pride ourselves on our long housing history. With that history comes many older homes in a range of styles. My experience provides consistency in what to look for in each type of home whether new or old. I specialize in Single Family Homes of any age. My oldest property inspected so far was in Newport, age 1745, The Coddington House. 

I follow the MA & RI Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors as published and a link is provided in each report. Always hire a licensed and seasoned professionally trained home inspector. I hold a Massachusetts & Rhode Island Home Inspector License and perform home inspections in both MA (Bristol County) and all of RI. I also hold a Radon Testing license needed to meet some State requirements.

I am a licensed and trained home inspector certified by the Association of Home Inspectors Training Program (AHIT see link). I am also a Certified Inspector grade member in good standing with the American Society of home Inspectors, (see ASHI link). This means you will receive a comprehensive home inspection and report (with pictures) that will provide you with all the information and tools needed to make the educated decisions needed when purchasing your new home.

I welcome you to walk through the inspection with me while I answer any questions you may have. My goal is to ensure you have no surprises after moving in, understand how to operate and maintain your new property and provide you with a report (with pictures) that will help you negotiate any major issues we uncover prior to the final sale.

I am always available to answer questions or address concerns “even after the inspection is completed”. That means you have a go to guy, down the line, in the event you need a qualified opinion regarding issues with your new home.

So before you make the largest purchase of your life, have it inspected by a licensed home inspector. It’s a relatively small investment for the continued services and pre-sale information you receive. Simply Call or Text 401-285-1182 or 617-901-3434 


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Call or Text 401-285-1182 or 617-901-3434

Free: Visual mold inspection

Free: Visual wood boring insect (WBI) inspection

Free: Visual Septic Tank Pumping Inspection (surface cover must be visible)

Well Water Testing Available (additional lab fee)

Licensed Radon Testing Available $75.00 to $90.00 with Inspection

(Electronic Testing Equipment, Results in 48hrs)

• 30 years of industry related experience.

Discounted Prices For Many Qualifying Customers See Price Sheet Below

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• next day professional detailed reports with pictures.

• Serving all of Rhode Island & Bristol County, MA.

• Licensed and Insured.

Certified by American Home Inspection Training Institute

Member of American Society of Home Inspectors


Schedule an appointment

Call or Text 401-285-1182 or 617-901-3434

Free: Visual mold inspection

Free: Visual wood boring insect (WBI) inspection

Free: Visual Septic Tank Pumping Inspection (surface cover must be visible)

Well Water Testing Available (additional lab fee)

Licensed Radon Testing Available Only $75.00 to $90.00 with inspection

(Newest Technology, Electronic Testing Equipment, Results in 48hrs)

1st Time Home Buyers, Veterans, Seniors, Repeat Business, Google and Web Searched Business

 ALL Receive Discounted Price (see below)

Home Inspection Pricing                                 Square Ft.                                      Pricing             Discounted

Single Family

under 2,000                   $495.00 $450.00
Single Family  2,000 to 3,000 $545.00 $495.00
Single Family   over 3,000 (not offered) N/A N/A
Multi Family Home Inspection  2+ family (not offered) N/A N/A
Condominium Interior Units Only Any Size (no exterior or garage) $375.00 $325.00
Town Home Multi-Level Any Size $445.00 $395.00
Mobile/Manufactured Home under 1,000 (only 2010 & newer) $395.00 $345.00

Call for a Seller Pre-Sale Inspection at a Greatly Reduced Price 

Questions and answers


Do you perform inspections for VA & FHA loans?
My comprehensive report including pictures for documentation has been used by VA/FHA transactions allowing the client to receive a complete home inspection and report while still meeting the minimum required by the VA/FHA.

How do you inspect the roof?
We will inspect every roof under safe conditions as written in the Standards of Practice. We will inspect the roof from either on top of the roof itself, the ground with close up lenses, on a ladder at the eave of the roof or for high roof homes, using a 26' video pole to extend to the roof as needed. We also will inspect where the most important information can be found under the roof in the attic or crawl space. Roofs are not made to walk on and can be damaged from walking on them so every effort is made to preserve the life of the roof while providing detailed information to the client. This method is used by all home inspectors and has proven to be effective and accurate when evaluating the condition, installation, age and material on the roof.

Do you inspect for mold?
Although mold inspection can be performed by a mold remediation company it can be a costly. I perform a visual mold inspection in the places that can be seen and where mold usually is a problem. I also find potential reasons for mold to form in the first place. Most mold problems are located in the attic, basement, crawl spaces, behind insulation and walls. We can visually check these places and others for signs of mold. I will include the findings and make recommendations for action on your detailed report at no additional charge.

Do you inspect for insects?
Although it is always encouraged to have a qualified extermination company perform a complete inspection and extermination service prior to occupancy, I will perform a visual inspection for wood destroying insects or signs of previous treatment. I will include the findings and my recommendation for action on your detailed report at no additional charge.

How long will it take to have my home inspected?
The average home inspection takes between 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Then another 4 to 5 hours to create a fully detailed report complete with pictures. Depending on the work schedule you will have your report the same or next day.

Who can attend my home inspection?
Anyone can attend your home inspection as long as it is cleared with your agent prior to the inspection. I welcome anyone in you party to join us during our inspection process. There is a standard of practice I follow, as to not miss anything, so we will  move through the inspection at my pace. This will ensure a thorough and comprehensive inspection is performed. 

What type of report do you use?
I have found Home Gauge is the most comprehensive and easy report to follow. This is an electronically generated report that will include pictures of any concerns that may be listed in the report. Any concerns found will be listed in an easy to follow step by step format. I will also include recommendations on how to proceed when addressing those concerns. 

A detailed report is a critical part of your home purchase, providing detailed information with pictures which can then be reviewed with the seller. The Home Gauge software also offers a "Request List" feature that allows you to only send the issues to review with the home owner to your realtor, keeping it simple and to the point. This is a great tool for realtors alike in saving them time. A printed report can average between 40 to 60 pages making it impractical to use for a repair list. The "Request List" feature allows for a request list to be short and sweet or your Honey-Do list long and detailed. Note: only Home Gauge software offers the Request List feature. 

Can I contact you after the home inspection is completed for advise on my new home.
I will always be available to be contacted at any time and make every effort to help you decide on what course of action you will need to solve an issue of concern involving the maintenance, repair or upkeep of your new home. But remember referrals for contractors is not permitted by National Standards of Practice due to ethical conflicts of interest. 

What is the easiest method to reach you?
A phone call, text or email will get the fastest results. I am on job sites or in front of the computer doing reports most of every day. I don’t have much time for social media or other alternative methods of communication. But I do keep my smart phone with me at all times and can usually respond within the hour.

Are you a private company?
Yes I am the sole owner operator of Home Tech Property Inspections, LLC. That means you get a caring and qualified proven home inspector every time and not a new hire or trainee from a corporate or franchise type company.

Do you check for Asbestos/safety concerns?
Yes we do visually check for asbestos and any other toxic type materials. I also perform several safety checks regarding all aspects of the home inspection. I will report the findings and make recommendations for action on your detailed report at no additional charge.

Why should I use Home Tech Property Inspection, LLC?

I’m experienced with New England homes of all ages and styles.
I’m friendly and trustworthy and enjoy my job and answering your questions.
I use a professional detailed reporting program complete with pictures and recommendations.
I arrive on time every time and your report is generated the next day.

Sample report




Home Tech Inspected our house and was very helpful in explaining several things to us as first time home buyers. Mike is a great guy who took the time to check everything. Home Tech reports are thorough and include pictures and details. This enabled us to negotiate some of the problems found prior to the sale with the sellers. Thank you Home Tech.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parks


Very happy with my home inspection by Home Tech. The report is so professional and easy to read. It includes all aspects of the inspection with pictures for back up. I will save the report for future use in order to keep my new home in good working order. Home Tech is highly recommended.
Thank you,
Lisa Thomas


We purchased an older home because we loved the character. But we didn’t know much about the homes true condition. Mike explained how he has done so many older homes that he has learned what to look for. His experience has saved us a lot of time and money. His reports showed us exactly what we were getting into and became a real bargaining tool for us. I would recommend utilizing Home tech Property Inspections to anyone purchasing a home.
Joseph Manny


Called several home inspection companies. Home Tech was the most reasonable and friendly. They offered several incentives that others wanted to charge for. In the end I was very satisfied and glad I made the right choice.
Marie Fernandez


I don’t usually write reviews but I was so impressed with the level of service that I decided to this time. I have used other home inspection companies in the past and have been disappointed in what I experienced. However, Home Tech is the real deal. Mike truly cares about his customers and will bend over backwards to make sure you have a hassle free experience in your new home. About time I found an inspection company I can trust.

Peter Koppen